Association Management

There are 10 things that an Association want

  1. Recruit More Members
  2. Sustain Existing Members
  3. Better Content and Context
  4. Wider Reach to Stakeholders
  5. ​More Surplus
  6. Close Partnership with Industry
  7. More Value for Members
  8. Greater Advocacy
  9. Stronger Networking
  10. Efficient Association management

Generally in the western countries association are run by professionals so the committee can focus on strategic matters and charting agendas on based on the grounds why they are chosen in the first place.  Associations these days are pushed to increase their relevancy within their industry and community, have issues with membership recruitment and retaining them and possibly, at odds on how to keep their association afloat.

Associations in Asia in general are perhaps lackasaidal as their populace is ever growing with no shortage of people that wants to be associated.  Yet they are struggling with managing changes within their association to be more progressive, continue to built content, power to lobby and keeping with the times & advent of technology.  

We understand the menial, tedious little (but important) tasks that needs to be done every month or year.  And perhaps the association find it difficult to recruit, sustain and motivate the association  staff.   We do however, offer association clients the flexibility to outsource as little or as many functions of the association staff too.

While we do not wish to manage your association until you are ready, we are in a position to ensure at least 5 out of the points are being met.  The good part is, that the association does not even need to fork out a cent.

Let us show you how.

And this is how we power your asoociation tedious back end process.  Read more.


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