Exhibition Management

There are 5 aspects on which the event organiser needs from his technology partner to ensure effective and efficient management of the exhibition.
1.  Web Based Website
Responsive website which  can be easily used form any devices since it gets resolute as per the screen size
2.  Exhibitor Booking & Facilitation
Online booth reservation, payments, invoices, variation orders.
3.  Visitor Registration & Check-in
Visitor badge print, access control, contact & data exchange, hotspots.
4.  Administrator Control
Setup, analytics, task management, real time updates, announcements.
5.  Onsite Registration Management
Self Kiosk, Manned Counters, Spot Registration, real time tracking.
Forget the pricey mobile applications, forget those QR codes that does nothing but points you to websites.   Our technology is half the price, half the fuss and full of great features!
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  • Myceb
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